And. Cardboard



And I have been cut off

In a world of cardboard boxes

Stacked upon one another

Taped together by adhesive hands

The laughs peer in from out

Through the hole the sun knows

The gawking eyes pay homage

I teach them about cardboard

You see it is weak, taped

Things fall through when

Heat engulfs the boxes, then

The floor is full of dust

They must be tucked in

Little niches, comfortable

Keeps the tape always safe

Supported by structure

Cardboard clutter is the soil

Everything has its misplace

Need knows no boundary

I make another stack of hollowness


11 Comments on “And. Cardboard

  1. Oh, The BEST line is the last one. “I make another stack of hollowness And ”
    There’s a… Deep end of the pool…. in those words. Nice my dear !

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  2. I love the picture and the poem. It’s given me much to think about, and I’ll be considering your words for quite some time. Thank-you very much.


  3. Ha! It looks a lot different separated from the rest of the poem. You have given me new ideas. I’ll be posting more poetry before the end of the year. Thanks for the compliment.


  4. I really enjoyed this! And I love looking at it. Nice work. Nice nice work!

    – Daniel Waltz


  5. Thought provoking picture and poem.

    The boxes remind me of Sam Zuppardi’s Nowhere Box picture book and how much fun little children can have with a cardboard box. 🙂

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