Static Leaf


The leaf dances

Around every corner

Around every thought

Even in the avoided song


Now upon the ground

A rush of wind stirs

Hands like autumn

A distant radio is heard


Gathered in piles

An invitation to jump

Soft at first, then asphalt

Static, a lover’s whisper


Raked bare sidewalks

A desert of cracks

My feet are soft

I sing the same song, continually


For the return of Green

Buds of my passion

Birthed in warmth

My ear tickled by rustling


They hang onto mothers

A fragile childhood

Bathed in heat

Time is a refrain


Slid from my hand, again

I turn my palms upward

Bits and pieces

The staffs are full of tears




20 Comments on “Static Leaf

  1. i love your imagery, the topic is soft and inviting. Thank you for dropping by to have a read.


  2. I will read it again and again to appreciate the imagery and meaning. You are a thoughful and talented writer.


  3. “Soft at first, then asphalt” always the way. You get through the soft bit only to find the asphalt, reliable and hard beneath your feet. Thanks.

    Liked by 1 person

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