We Awaken In The New Dry Day


You are like the missing rain

Only the mist has been caught in the trees

A thousand kisses fall to the ground

Mud has formed at my feet

I am on my hands

Tracing your lips


Wooden steps support me

The world is on stilts

Rivers run brown, slow to the touch

Roofs burn in the sunshine

The leaves fall too early

Reservoirs lie abandoned


I reach for the one green leaf

It is dust, your body

The rain is trapped within your mouth

Earth is the only blue, like bodies

My hand moves across skin

The new desert


The fruit opens the sound

A suckling in its own juices

A bed, with sheets built of seedlings

Which, I lie, in the wet spot

Seeping into the mattress

I pull the sheets under me


We awaken in the new dry day

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13 Responses to We Awaken In The New Dry Day

  1. beautiful! i really love the rhythm here …


  2. johngevans13 says:

    Very nicely and beautifully composed and crafted.


  3. Camelia says:

    Inspiring! My favorite part is “A thousand kisses fall to the ground”…and I love the photo, so well picked!


  4. C.B. says:

    ❤ i second the comment regarding the rhythm. Quite lovely.


  5. Wow… this pulled me right in. Love it!


  6. Jhaneel says:

    I agree with Tammy, the rhythm really makes this poem what it is. And I love the imagery!


  7. dilip says:

    Beautiful poem with thoughts flowing freely. Thanks.


  8. Rise above says:

    Lovely cadence, this took me back to Neruda.


  9. This is a brilliant composition! 🙂


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