There Are Days Of Longer Daylight



There are days of longer daylight

When time can’t figure out what direction it travels.

A lost light, which cannot heal, as it hurls itself forward

A movement through something, changing

Abandoned. It cannot come back or go home.


We build nests with thoughts, to further

Our grip on movement, creating, extending,

Daylight beyond the planet’s wobble

Building structures deep into the backswing

Back and then back again

Comforting our ego, the id out of control.

Still, we are afraid to go. Where else,

Does one go if not mingling with the sky?


A Trip of returning to yearning

Our haven, a little heaven that discomforts

The hidden specter the day yanks at

Drags our taste for life onto the welcoming mat

A home, We sip sweet flavored rum

Grinning with a separation in our teeth

The little tiny thing that holds us back

The fear is found in the haunting smile

Kisses are heated lip upon lip, sweet rum

They are open for debate, scented

Sweat, searing into sugar moistness

Lasting through a fragile daylight.



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