Apprehensive Sunlight



The floor chases the sun

Disturbing the warmth, Dust wanders

Within bent beams, embedded

In light captured heat

Moves as an animal, crawling

Never quite caught, always catching


Late leaves, blended with sidewalks

Attempt a crossing, through portal

Entering dry, slightly sifted

Remnants, now empty veins

Lost among the floorboards

Still trying, still trying, always trying


Screens are guardians, slim aluminum

Bugs not meant to be heard

Play pretend with access, asking

Confused, glancing curiosity,

Darting, from screen to screen

An escapeless web, teased by wind


The fireplace, forgotten tomb

Sits still, breathless, sullen

Until blown upon by suffocation

Sparks break out, wild upon the world

Die in the night, depthless deep

The morning buries them, softly


The sun, a cold reminder, where

Blinds attempt to illuminate

Loss of cycle, the crouching star

Until the horizon eats the beam

Spinning, spinning flat, until

Hands are rubbed together







33 Comments on “Apprehensive Sunlight

  1. I really enjoyed your writing in this poem—evocative and provocative, in the sense of thought provoking. Thanks for sharing your gift and your effort. I’m also writing to express my appreciation for your follow of Heart of Life Poetry.


  2. So eloquent. Thank you. I am enjoying your words so very much.
    Where does that accompanying artwork come from?

    Liked by 1 person

  3. The way you paint with words always inspire me. You are a true artist


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