Moons hug tightly to their brightened lovers, never letting go, gravity keeping them together. Stars and galaxies fill the void around them, flying farther and farther apart. Their vast emptiness is not an increase in solitude. The darkness is full of energies. Sometimes I wonder, can we see love not as a singular planet, but as a cosmos?


16 Comments on “Vastness

  1. So glad you came to visit or I might not have found you, I’ve sampled a little of everything. This is my favorite category so far, though the sayings seem like prose poems to me. I love the pithy-ness and how much you pack into the few sentences- every word counts. Making the photo prompts an integral part of the poem is such a good idea- engages our minds more profoundly and sparks memory. Lovely body of work, I look forward to another ramble next time I visit.

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  2. Equally importantly, can the ones that gravitate towards your cosmos appreciate the surrounding beauty?

    Nicely posed, trickster
    *an imp

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  3. Some would say that love is the fabric of the universe, which itself is empty (in the sense of interconnecteness, nothing seperate from every other thing)

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  4. That’s an interesting proposition. It would certainly made the world a better place if our love was in inclusive. FINALLY a picture I’ve seen before! (Smile)

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