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  1. Oh…I really like this. A little jarring, a lot beautiful. Thanks for stopping by my online home, and for following my blog – I truly appreciate it.

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  2. I loved this; the style, the choice of words, so evocative
    “Oh her hair, her hair, I swear
    Is layered gold,”

    Beautiful and raw at the same time

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  3. I found the verse intense and beautifully aligned with the image.

    The lines that jumped out at me are:

    “What are these covering daubs, that
    Hide myself? I have dwelt in
    Darkness null, colorless lava…..”

    Indeed what is it that makes us cover ourselves and show up as someone we are not? Why this need to show up in line with others’ expectations of us?


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  4. I love the line ” I live dot to dot, crayon soul.” Your poetry has a quality of being just out of my mind’s reach while your images and words make sense to my imagination. You are a poet.

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