Distant Trees Know No Names



The look feels the distance, travelling

Upon waves of heat, blurring perception

Future weeks are lost in the haze

I am the lost street, blocks scrape my skin

And cannot be disconnected, unplugged


I am only electricity, a time excuse

For the ways and means of my light

Watts and bulbs burn, emotion cauterized

A tangy burnt metal, my night’s tongue

Distance buried somewhere in the Wild


I am a head full of wilderness, burning

Firebreak drawn in the dirt, to distance

Flames from jumping, tree to tree

Body spits, sizzles and cracks blood

Paints my face a fallen gravel dance


The gutters sweep me into the drain

One slippery finger on the grates

I am the one who sees you pass by me

Your anger trailing behind you

Mine always, always forced into distance


You grab the coniferous branches

They regularly snap back in place

April makes no difference. Deciduous

Always the cruelest month for words

I am the distance of winter, city birthed


Distant trees know no names



16 Comments on “Distant Trees Know No Names

  1. Black and white adds a stark reality to photos and immeasurable beauty. Your words capture that same beautiful, albeit, harsh reality. This is such an amazing and haunting piece.

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  2. THIS. Oh my lord, THIS is amazing, I love THIS endlessly.


  3. that was role coaster ride of thoughts and feelings.. I could feel the trees being
    torn from their tenure and stuck in the ground like tombstones …. very nice work

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  4. This is amazing. I kind of melted into it and went on this journey with you. Some places I knew, others were wondrous and new. Thank you so much. It’s beautiful.

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  5. “Your anger trailing behind you
    Mine always, always forced into distance”

    This made me think of my hubby’s family when the siblings were small. He says It felt just like that with his dad. Sometimes it felt like there was a hot, red glow that followed in his wake. And they just had to get out of his way.

    That bottom picture is just kind of heartbreaking.


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