Washcloths Are Scrubs



A bath towel knows

the raw and rude truth

Which in most cases

Is not a good thing

A paper towel gets wet

Easily. Then it’s all over

In one or two short wipes

A kitchen towel thinks

they’re fancy schmancy

But is just a dishtowel

By any other name

Handkerchiefs are snots

A sanitary towel can seem like

A murderer on a rampage

But, are really innocent

Napkins underneath it all

Beach towels get sand

Stuck up their creases

Tissues expose themselves

Then are found about the house

Involved with a wad

Bar towels smell like barf

Drink incessantly

Dabble with chasers

Rags are always found in

The most awkward circumstances

Hand dryers fake the funk

Washcloths are scrubs



39 Comments on “Washcloths Are Scrubs

  1. It is the most common of things in life that inspire us to think and write about their glory! Glad you found the Art Prescription! Looking forward to reading more of your poems. Cheers, Bev


  2. That’s one of a kind poem I have read. First time!! You have a sharp vision (for the lack of a better word) of a poet/writer who sees that no one else does. Very Impressive.
    Kudos! !

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  3. I love the picture of the old kitchen. My daughter-in-law uses only cloth napkins. Another of my sons (not her husband) makes fun of me because I re-use paper ones. 🙂

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  4. I’m still surprised that one could write such a piece with towels and cloth scrubs in mind! Amazed!


  5. Love this! I grew up with cloth napkins because my mother hated throwing away paper. We simply couldn’t afford it.
    I found myself smiling several times reading this

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  6. As someone who creates kitchen and table linens –my mission is convincing people that cloth towels and napkins are more relevant than ever — I really appreciate this. Never thought I’d see an “ode to kitchen towels!” Thank you!

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  7. It’s a good start. I think you can do more to transform it. From another end, you can think of the important people in your life and then compare them to a home accessory. Coincidently, I have these napkins I collect from fast food restaurants that lie on my desk in case I need to use them. It would be more impactful it was not simply a play on the idea but have real connection in your life. Like the acquaintances I meet that I only make contact with when I’m in need.


  8. I love it, some timely pictures of past. Is it me but looks like the dog about to go number two in the clothes basket? :}


  9. I will never look at life’s cleaners the same. Ever again. I think the only thing you might have miss are baby wipes and I thank you for that. 🙂


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