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  1. Thanks. Those words were used multiple times on purpose. They are connected. Poems aren’t just linear constructs. But, thanks. I always enjoy reading how people read.


  2. “The wilderness is young
    Encircled by highways
    And wormy blue rivers”

    Lovely! I was just scrolling through your blog, barely scanning, but had to stop and reread this piece.

    There’s a couple words used multiple times that you could probably replace with something more interesting, (dirt; circled/encircled; likeness; young), to sound more earthy and natural. Some of the word choice feels generic..but otherwise, I don’t have a critique 🙂

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  3. Feels like science and magic had a fight, killed one another, and the funeral was pretty but depressing. I love this.

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  4. Wow ! This is one for the Keeper Files. You did it this time, you’ve touched a deep down spot.
    Thanks for the Journey !

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