The Collision Of Paragraphs



The heated horizon

Produces an allure.

My eyes follow

its linear line, moving with

the melodic narrative–

There are other voices—here

Where hills make outlines.

Harmony is horizontal–

A dialogic freeway.

It is the rain

That stops streets

And plays with the oil

Leftover from sentences

Blocks and paragraphs

Stories—cities, maps, the membranes

Of the lay out to thought


The horizon burns, it must.

To maintain its fix.

Pierces a way inside

Leaving me to forget

How notes are placed

on top of one another–

They are not static, all is noise

Counterpoint and polyrhythms

Bouncing off other events–

Experience, a lose few chapters

Their print flying off, landing

On edges, never settled

Remaining, vibrating

Rubbing itself in tension

Spewing multiplicity


The horizon ignites

A promise of finality

Of oneness with meaning

A road that flirts with following

Doesn’t know where it leads.

Only a traveller has a map

And it is two-dimensional

Until looked at–

The gaze, full of plurality

Small foot trails

Leading to death, life

Or at least a good mushroom

Growing on the side of hills

That fight the horizon

A creative feat of inclusivity


The horizon’s fever basks me

My voice, forced within a stave

Is seen screaming out of mono

But, all ears have flattened

Flush with their heads

Now, an orange/red sunset

Is only a page in rotation

That comes back

Slightly adjusted

Set to scrape another sky.

I listen for the collision

Of paragraphs falling

And helplessly read horizontally

Which is

The story that includes us all


34 Comments on “The Collision Of Paragraphs

  1. I understand. Good luck. Writing a novel involves many other skills other than writing, including ones that occur after the project is done.


  2. I am a nurse by day, wannabee writer by night struggling with revisions on a completed novel. This piece is comforting. It explains my stress level as I add, delete, alter, and move paragraphs around. I still want it to mean something when I am done.


  3. Such a manic swirl of imagery and experiences. It’s as though the doors of perception were forced open by the collision of paragraphs, flooding the senses with ecstatic unfiltered everything!

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  4. I have given that some thought. Word choice is more about rhythm then making my poetry “look” right or do what it’s “supposed” to do. However,the poem’s partial theme is about paragraphs. Get it? Thanks!

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  5. Good work! The oil left over from sentences is a great phrase.

    I wonder if you’ve thought about playing around a bit with your enjambment. Many of your lines start with simple words like articles (“the”, “a”) or prepositions (“that”, “but”, “or”) and it often felt like it was taking away from the more striking words. Maybe try splitting your lines at the words that jump off the page? Just a thought; loved it either way!

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  6. Always thought the collision of paragraphs led to the dreaded sentence fragments! Then again didn’t even dare to minor in English, even though it is my native tongue.
    Was a great work, enjoyed reading it!

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  7. I’m reading it now and going to come back and re-read it later to try to get it to sink in better. Seems like there is a lot going on, and I don’t want to miss it. I like it!

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