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  1. I have an aunt who broke one melamine plate on complete accident. You know those cartoons where a plate slips out of their hands while they’re washing it in the sink and it pings all over the kitchen before landing on the floor right next to them and breaking perfectly in half? That actually happened to my aunt when she was visiting her parents once.

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  2. I’ve spent a lot of time in kitchens and the potentials of utensils is a continuing delight. Love your poem.


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    You have such a unique perspective that you share through your writing, and Shakespeare himself would applaud the embedded wit. Fabulous!

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  4. Its because of all these things that I don’t have kitchen ware of any kind. A waste of money. Vegetables like fruit can be ate raw with use of the hands. And meat can be wrapped in foil an thrown in the oven absent of pan. An it can be ate with the hands an from off the foil. An any liquid a person might drink usually has a container or it pours out of a tap. Either case it can be taken from the source right into the mouth. I never liked the way all the kitchen stuff behaved or had no use. Using them is like sitting in a chair. They disconnect a person from the energy found in the food. Every one eats stuff but they are scared to touch it with their hands or to get it on their face but still shove it in their mouth with dangerous chairs lift u up from the ground. Why idk maybe that’s why we ache all the time. Because we don’t know how to sit on the ground. The ground is what grounds u an it is has energy that can relax you an heal u. I font get it. An don’t get me started on microwaves. I hate microwaves.

    Sorry I had a lil bit to much fun ranting I enjoy it in a sarcastic way. But fun poem. It was a perspective I never would seen of kitchen things.


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