Loveseats Force The Issue



Loveseats force the issue

Davenport is not an exotic city

They come from Couch!

And if they try to tell you

They’re from Barcalounger

You know they’re full of it

Just tell ‘em,

You know someone from Recliner

Benches are hard on your ass

Do coffee tables really do coffee?


They’re just into spills

What’s the dining room chair

Doing in the kitchen?

Watch out for those sneaky bastards

Sofas are dumbasses, overstuffed

A commode either talks fancy

Or is full of shit

Get rid of footstools! Now!

A chest of drawers

Does not need a bureau

To handle all the dainties

Drapes get way too dark about stuff

Curtains have a brighter attitude

Shelves shove things around

No wonder they get cluttered up

Shoe racks are obsessive

Desks are dirty talkers

Nightstands are liars

They like it in the morning too

Lamps are voyeuristic


14 Comments on “Loveseats Force The Issue

  1. Hahaha, loved this! What an interesting perspective. Here’s to thinking outside the box. Cheers!

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  2. Thanks for visiting my blog today! I really enjoyed this poetry. I’m learning that it’s good for prose writers to practice poetry. I’ve been doing a bit of “erasure poetry” and some other stuff. I love this stuff. The pic…rofl…now if the furniture drank it’s own contents, that would give a whole new context…”love seat”

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  3. “A commode either talks fancy Or is full of shit” LROL! And that last picture was just a hoot. It looks so stifling to me!!!

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  4. Once people are seated on a Loveseat, they are in close proximity to each other, and therefore forced to discuss the issue. Whatever the issue may be, a relationship, a business, a policy; it doesn’t matter, because Loveseats put us in close proximity to one another, thereby placing us in vulnerable positions, a much more conducive seating arrangement for allowing understanding to blossom. BRILLIANT!

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