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  1. I really liked ‘The Seeds That affirm me’. I’m going to try and re-blog it.
    Indraneel 🙂


  2. Reblogged this on beyondtheflow and commented:
    For anyone who has accept the world of “clutter” and calls it home and also needs a quiet place to write amidst life’s chaos, this is for you xx Rowena


  3. This is some seriously gorgeous writing. You are really talented. I read it twice and I am still in awe.


  4. Brilliant! All of your poems are. The tone of this one speaks to me. I totally dig it! Cheers `


  5. I’m cluttered. I would use Ellington to shield me from it and the outside world whilst studying. the device is just wonderful and the user so serious.

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  6. This made my blood run cold–in a good way. I feel clutter physically and, like a zombie killer, I want to destroy it.

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  7. Your work shows Me that You Understand…It is destructively beautiful once the entirety of its context is taken into account. “Those who did not learn from history will forever be doomed to repeat it”, which is where we are headed, as a society…because You Understand…Thank You!

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  8. I find myself working too hard trying to say something which will sound intelligent. So I’m giving up. Here’s what I’ve got: I absolutely love this. I love the endless magical potentials waiting to come to life.

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  9. I really enjoyed this – the images complement the piece quite nicely. The “Isolator” image made me wonder if having something like that would actually help me get more work done, or whether I would just find new ways to distract myself by fiddling with it.

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  10. Like the picture at the top of page. Takes me back to the old sci-fi flicks I used to watch on black & white TV growing up. The poetry was great, the picture just added to the experience!

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