Running After The Rain

By Leonard Weisgard
By Leonard Weisgard

There have been times the rain abandoned me,

Even though, the caress of clouds will always return

I remember running in the forest, as I do now,

after the rain

The leaves left my clothing soaked.



22 thoughts on “Running After The Rain”

  1. Through your words and images it’s a pleasing scene but it really made me think of another sense – after a fresh rain in the forest…one of my favorite smells.

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  2. I think it’s simply beautiful how in such few lines you managed to grab the reader, made us feel the rain, and left us wanting for more.. a “more” which, actually we already know cuz we all have been running under that same rain.
    Beautifully written in my opinion. 🙂
    I’ll make sure to come here often *internet hugs* heh

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  3. This brought back so many memories of my tropical childhood, that sense of wishing yearning longing for the heavy warm rain to fall again, so that running through the trees is always associated with that yearning feeling.


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