To Do List: A Poem





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  1. crimsonprose says:

    To say ‘Love It’ is weak. But I love it. Yet . . . where did you find my biog, exactly?


  2. graceatlas says:

    This really spoke to me. The road to satisfaction and happiness is long. God knows, I’m still on my journey. The path is certainly never dull, though; that’s for sure. Haha

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  3. I see they are not checked off. But really, I think you should do the muu muu.

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  4. Quite a list indeed. Also, Game of Porns sounds rather promising lol. 🙂


  5. laquanabrumfield says:

    Love it.

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  6. Reblogged this on Niki.V.all.ways.My.way. and commented:
    i’ll get rid of most of those in checking #FindingMyCosmicConsort and #CuringCosmicBoredom

    the rest of the things can turn into things to do when we want something else to do.

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  7. Coffee Creeper says:

    The placement of “open a bank account” is brilliant. Funny stuff. Well done!

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  8. skat says:

    I did a whole lot of that falling in love with the wrong person for a very long time. Survived and won. Happy ever after. I like the buying underwear idea best – and the kissing. The crack, porn, Showtime and smoking? I’ll pass.


  9. skat says:

    I should emphasize that it was more than one “wrong person”. At last count (prior to success) it was around 20—give-or-take.

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  10. The Unfolding says:

    You had me at…
    ☐ Get another loan and buy a mobile home
    ☐ Drink more chardonnay
    No, seriously. That.

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  11. mitchteemley says:

    Tragically amusing.

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  12. So funny. I love lists.
    I used to make lists (not) like this for people as a living! The difference was that everything had to be easy to do and inexpensive. It was called a good-fer-me list and it was focused on self care. Yours gave me a laugh because sometimes it feels that way.

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  13. uma parmar says:

    Woooa… Wat a life.. Lovely!!!

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  14. Casually,A says:

    wink at teenage boy? haha you’re funny! and this was very creative way to write a poem . and that seem like an adventurous life , fun and promising haha

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  15. Cassie says:

    Love this! Great poem and what a great life.

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  16. Jahaira says:

    This made me laugh!

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  17. bhatmahesht says:

    Nice poem, loved this. It’s really funny.

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  18. gazhack says:

    Great piece to read first thing in the morning.


  19. mesoundslikeangge says:

    Reblogged this on mesoundslikeangge.


  20. BeeHappee says:

    I have no idea how you knew all this about my life, but you nailed it. Hilarious.

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  21. vivachange77 says:

    Impressive list. I’ve finally given up on finding the perfect mate. I’m just going to sit and wait for the one who is searching for to show up, if ever.


  22. calensariel says:

    I knew it wouldn’t last when you didn’t put “buy each other underwear” on the list. THAT is when you know you’ve truly found love!!! 😀


  23. Mayam says:

    yeah let’s :’)


  24. theofulis says:

    That’s beautiful


  25. amoikin says:

    Speechless… lol


  26. Anais Jay says:

    Tragic, lovely, and overall inspiring. I adore this post. Thank you for this.


  27. Wow!!! Now that’s living life to the fullest. ✨


  28. Seems to me you’re on the right road. Goodbye mundanity!!!!


  29. lalatiff says:

    Reblogged this on lalatiff.

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  30. Grey Matter says:

    I fell in love with this so hard but chances are it’s the wrong poem.

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  31. So much to do, so little time!!


  32. This made me smile, I hope the journey goes well.

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  33. akaba says:

    “Kick the right person out of my mansion” lol wtf

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  34. Sami says:

    Whooof! that was quite somethings stabling the unstable.


  35. ambcap says:

    my list

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  36. designer says:

    Haha! Thats life 😀

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  37. weirdaweso3e says:

    LoL…sounds like life. Happy when employed, unhappy when employed. Maybe satisfaction only comes with death.


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