July 10, 2015, Rockaway Beach





The Tillamook Rescue

Combed the waves for him

Jet ski bucking the tide

With a rider attached to a trailer.

Back and forth they zigzagged

I watched their orange suits

Bobbing on the reflections of the sun

A constant twinkle of life—looking

Longer than all our breaths could hold, combined

Passed between the moments of

A broken crab shell and seagull feathers.

His bluish greyness, camouflaged

By our childhood splashing, swimming, loving

We were still searching

When the sun reached the sea



21 Comments on “July 10, 2015, Rockaway Beach

  1. I love the immediacy of this … This is one of my favorites among your work… A real and tangible narrative, touched with the profound. Good stuff, indeed. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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