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  1. What…?! Rofl! Dude this is hilarious. I’m an inactive, still faithful Mormon who never rated my Spider-Man underoos and this is hilarious. But weird. Kudos to you 😀

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  2. This was funny and quite true. You know you have talent when you can make writing about underwear interesting. Nice job. 🙂

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  3. Anthropomorphism of the nether garments. Awesome.
    You find the greatest images. At top: “Sporty Enough so Share!” Such incredible, weird copy in old ads.


  4. Too funny!!! But with the prices posted it really makes me wonder why do we pay so much for panties now? I love the ads.


  5. I had a laugh and thoroughly enjoyed myself! Why did I separate those two thoughts? In any case, keep it up!

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  6. Fun and naughty. I remember having dated panties. We just called them underpants, though we mostly wore skirts back then. I guess that really dates me. 🙂

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  7. oh My Goodness! I was in elementary school when I stopped wearing the “daily” panties and as for comfort, I’ve been wearing “boy shorts” for years! Soft elastic on legs and no panty lines!! Win in my book!!!

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  8. Great observations. Until about a year ago I had socks with days of the week so that I would wear the wrong dates in pathetic rebellion.


  9. I’m worried about that ‘Sporty enough to share’. Is that before or after wear? And I love the granny pants; reminds me of my grandmother’s bloomers (reached the knee, in pink rayon; very attractive!)

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