Lee’s Legos



Chasing Lee was fun.

That’s why they did it.

He had angry eyebrows

And threw bright Legos

At the chasers, landing upon

Grey, tar bubble, suburban

Streets…The Converse Kids

Smashed them to bits

With the intensity of their running

Until Lee’s red front door

Slammed into place, a plastic brick

Within his blue glowing home

They returned to the rules

of whiffle ball and hollow bat

Involving tops of trees, curbs

Telephone wires and mailboxes.

Rules… not involving Lee…

Who never, strangely, cried

Like I cried, ever, so strangely.

The pieces were picked up

By morning, by an invisible mom.

Occasionally a lone Lego would

Pop up during a rainstorm

Lodged against brown leaves

Neon yellow against a grate.


20 Comments on “Lee’s Legos

  1. Such cruelty can make one stronger, but unfortunately often also leaves a wound that may not be noticeable to anyone but the one wounded. And sometimes those are wounds only God can heal thoroughly. A very sad piece but written very well.


  2. Intriguing…
    The strength of one to stand up against yet not fight back the weakness of many cohearsed by peer pressure to be unkind. Kids can be cruel but I bet Lee’s character building escapes will no doubt prepare him for future life challenges. He will stand out just as he did in this story. He’s a survivor 🙂

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  3. Another great work, Elan. I can sympathize with the struggles Lee had with his peers, but I see strength in that he did not cry about it. He knew that they had no part of his world. Plus, props to the invisible mom picking up the pieces. At least someone cares.


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