48 thoughts on “Published”

  1. This piece took me back to when I used to live in Washington, D.C. ..not uncommon to hear shooting at night…you captured that feeling of fear and the shortness of breath and life beautifully…nice job

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  2. Evocative, provocative, brilliant. I love the lines

    “Does breathing know things…

    I don’t know? …. Like…

    Being scared, being prepared.”
    If we allowed ourselves, subconsciously we would know the right actions.

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  3. Besides touching the guts of us all, these words might find a wall in many Trauma Centers and ER’s . ….Proud…..


  4. This photo is familiar; is it Irish Archives? Some of those old black and whit shots make great jumping off points. This is a great poem.


  5. It’s as if the words acquire life in your poetry.
    Using your own title, I’m tempted to add, in your art, ‘All Words Matter.’
    For, each silent space between the words feels like a breath spent in worthy reflection.


  6. WOW, and I was just outside listening to crickets and stars breathe before I came in and read this. Great poem.


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