Missing Sweets



I kiss no more.

You wonder why?

Since, it is so easy.

I’ve lost something.

You kissing me back.

42 Comments on “Missing Sweets

  1. Brilliant. You expressed a great deal of emotions in just a few words. That picture corresponds very well with your state of mind. Well written. Btw, thanks for liking my poem. God bless

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  2. I am totally in this zone…ur poem hit a nerve…with its straightness and shortness and magical simplicity.
    Some times that’s all one needs…to be kissed back. No sophistication.


  3. A wonderful piece. Short and concise. All the more powerful for it.


  4. I’d kiss you dear and just as sweet
    From your head down to your feet.
    Something’s amiss,
    That much is true
    However I am begging you,
    To see this heart through
    Truly tender gazing.
    Remember how you once thought me amazing?
    But apathy now lies
    In our unforgiving, apathetic eyes.
    Remember me –
    The one that you held dear-
    Kiss me like that…
    And you’ll never have to fear
    Me not kissing back.


  5. Wanting, but unwilling to acquire what’s lost. So sad….. GREAT POEM!


  6. I’ve just nominated your blog for the Premio Dardos Award. Don’t know how you feel about awards, but if anyone deserves it, it would be you. For more info, you can visit my blog. Have a nice day!


  7. Hi again, would love for you to come visit my site an browse thru a couple of mine, drop me a note maybe? Love to know what you think… Appreciate it!


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  10. Seems so sad, almost like a yearning feeling hear of wanting but not needing.


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