The Art Of…



Gnaws at me, a curse

Keeps me from sleep

A tumbling within my gut


Is the essence of creativity

The core of any talent

Emanating from my heat


Must be vanquished

Rid of, as if a sickness

Cured by a coolness


Needs to be strengthened

Into impervious

Pools of abilities


Cries out of loneliness

My unsolvable pain, an

Anger uncontrolled


Bangs my head on a pillow

Slamming my fist

Into my own words


Flies upon lofty clouds

of peer ovations, awe

Adoration, and acceptance


Knows my stupidity

A bit too well, placing me

In inopportune moments of mouthing off


Thinks I’m a goddamned guru

Sitting in some cave

On the mythological Himalayas of my mind


Is willing to shake the hand of voodoo

Sell my soul to a puffer fish

And write about zombie love


Manifests beauty and depth

Spitting out imagination

Universalizing it into shapes


Feasts upon chaos

I wake up the next morning

With a hangover of regret


Is either words or blabber

Music or noise, clay or silly putty

Love or art. I can’t decide

Neither can it.

40 Comments on “The Art Of…

  1. You capture so well and with so much poetical skill the way creativity holds us captive, pushes and pulls us with a mind of its own. Thanks for this and all the others, too. They give me much pleasure.

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  2. Hello, Friend! It was pulling at me to stop by, and I am glad I did. I find this poem wonderful. Razzberries at The Intentional Fallacy on this one. Wotan speaks from his own heart and brain, I think. Hope you are doing well. Your blog seems to be doing great! 👹


  3. I call this the twerge… part twinge, part urge, annoying, painful and wonderful. Pretty sure there is no cure for it, once it gets going. 😉

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  4. Love your creativity @Elan Mudrow. Always food for thought here. Always emotion. (So please don’t give in to Tortured Soul. Would miss you.) When is your chapbook coming out? Curiously, Just now I’ve been writing about memory and trying to shut the mind off at night so that “it” doesn’t gnaw at me all night. Keep up the good work.


  5. You’re more than welcome! I definitely enjoy every post/piece/poem.


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  7. :Thinks I’m a goddamned guru

    Sitting in some cave

    On the mythological Himalayas of my mind”

    Bravo :), hopes and fears can be miraculously similar!


  8. And yet its harshest critic stares back at it from the ambiguous glow and muted profile of its creator. It is the blessed curse.


  9. Must it…decide, that is …art or aggravation, love or loose lips hip healthy enough to howdy the hangover and tipsy the day. Feel ya.

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  10. This is the person I’ve loved so very much, for a lifetime. “Proud” is not enough to say.

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  11. Nice job. Had me gripped with the question “What is ‘it'” as I was reading. It’s a smooth read, relational, and can make us all vulnerable as we contemplate the words for ourselves.


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