University of Hair Net


I studied at the University of Hair Net

Kissed warm fuzzy college students

Who lamented with their notes,

Baked synapses in mom’s microwave,

Slurped on their own noodle, Noggins

Simmered at winter break,

Spicy sometimes at spring,

Gone… when summer hit

Me square in the heart

I received my Masters of Wig

Sought a position at smarty pants

But, the job was beat out of me

By my old friends, the fuzz

Who tossed their notes away

Cooked up resumes on a candy Apple

Basted a salary over a burning bank account

Simmered a 41k, spiced with stocks, Hairlines

Gone, when the economy hit

Them square in the checkbook

11 Comments on “University of Hair Net

  1. I was one of those with ” Baked synapses in mom’s microwave” but I’m thinking of brain destruction at the nearest bar!


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