Vogue Italia, 1969
Vogue Italia, 1969


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  1. I love the play on words, the imagery, all of it. Thank you!


  2. I love reading on your site! You are very clever. This was so subtle at first, that I am embarrassed to say I almost didn’t catch the twists. I was pleasantly amused with this poem in particular, once I woke my brain up. lol. thx for the giggle and brain-teaser. Cheers!


  3. Based on the scope and depth of this excellent piece, eye can see you have a clear understanding of your chosen subject. Eye like how you focussed on and framed your poem on the ocular nature of your chosen visual! 😉

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  4. Congratulations again. I just love the vibes your blog passes. Is something like seeing the story of an old picture., and you’re telling it with all this nostalgia from the times you took.
    Also, it looks kind of vintage (the blog visual)
    So, yeah, keep the good work, so i can keep up reading, i would love it

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