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  1. Loved this. Oh the things we would give our mothers, I’ll never know if they were truly cherished or politely adored.


  2. You brought it all back–the gold spray-paint smell, the macaroni, the Elmer’s. For the life of me, I can’t recall what we glued it to though. And “called it macaroni”, ah, yes! This too, I remember.
    Excellent piece!


  3. An amazing and moving piece, and familiar, brings back those feelings of creating that special work of art as a child…. where did those pieces of art disappear to!? and I love “artistic noodlery” great line!! Michelle

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  4. Good work. Funny. Catalytic. I dig the metaphor; the quest for the darned thing and the disablement subjected to by the “dark” closet. Love that.


  5. Lovely Elan but sad – and the old story of Cinderella was even sadder. Her dark closet was an open field where she was left to die.


  6. The leaning high heel of pasta! =o)
    It brought back memories of mother’s day and father’s day projects for me!


  7. Mum’s dark cupboard – my Mum didn’t menstrate apparently, nor have a belly button for I never saw one in he rold fashioned bathing suits….life of Victoriana. If it ain’t got macaroni it ain’t got that starch to stand the reign of time.


  8. Again, Well done !
    Mother’s “Dark Closet” held many things. Some, of which, are best to remain, unfound.


  9. this takes me to so many places…. recesses….. some good, some not-so-bad—– more distressing. I don’t think any of us ever know our Mother’s as .. that person ….separate from us.


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