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  1. Loved this part—For some syntactic commentator

    Who plays with verb’s balls

    Scores with nouns,

    Penalizes with adverbs,

    Kicks extra pointy adjectives

    Through the uprights,

    Glad I decided to follow you…look forward to more!

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  2. It’s not that black and white. But, sex does enter the realm of religion or should I say religion enters the realm of sex. This is a poem about culture. If you will excuse me, there is no such thing as righteousness. As soon as you say that, you are forever attempting to stretch your weekend.

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  3. This is different. I got a bit lost, wandering through metaphorical uprights, but it is at least, unique and unpredictable. The line Sex becomes scoring really threw me. I had taken this to be a more religious poem–the war between the Sunday philosophies of church and the start of football season. Perhaps it is more about all the things that lead one away from the path of righteousness?


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