Gut Feeling


Passion hits me

Hard, deep

for keeps

On the side

Of my emotions

All I can do is check for bruises


33 Comments on “Gut Feeling

  1. i am here the little boy saying: “Some day!”… this is great work and what a great photo to accompany it…


  2. That picture is an amazing find. Full of emotion–frustration and hope. Lo I like your poem. Left me wanting more. One tiny suggestion: On this side of my emotions (If it doesn’t change your meaning).


  3. Love the picture!!! Talking of guts and passion, the picture reminds me of the passion fruit hanging up there so high but no matter for optimistic eyes.


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  5. I write the poem first and then begin a search for a photo that fits any one of its themes. This can take a long time. Thanks. Unfortunately, the published poems don’t and will not have the images.

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