American Enjambment


The red and white stripes

Are lines of verse

With enjambments sewn

Together, needle and thread

Metaphors balancing, teetering

Between mistakes and hope,

Anger and empathy.

The blue field

Sits square, upper left

Tucked in the corner

An indigo poetry

Tailored, patched…..and….

Attached to the stinging

Stanzas of the stripes.

Blue’s reaction is to produce stars

14 Comments on “American Enjambment

  1. What’s most interesting to me here is that the poetry, embodied by the stripes, is what’s on such shaky ground. Poetry and uncertainty. But this teetering is so spot-on, isn’t it? As careful and precise as good poetry (like this poem) is, it’s also a delicate art. Great work!


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