Zvaella Deiventart
Zvaella Deiventart


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  1. “Hearing you beneath my shoe”–nailed it! Wonderful sensory images.


  2. “If my wet mouth
    Quenched you
    I would kiss you
    With sugar saliva
    Until your skin revives”



  3. As the others said, superb poem. I adore these lines:

    “I stepped cautiously

    Hearing you beneath

    My shoe, upon your spine

    I searched for strength…”

    Brilliant imagery!


  4. Never disappointed in your creativity. This is am autumn gem 🙂


  5. This is absolutely superb. I’ve read it again and again… wonderful words, intense imagery, visceral visions. Can’t click like often enough for this one.


  6. Loved this one Elan. For you, my own inadequate comments on an “ugly fall”, written while living in Kentucky: “Every now and then the wind brings to the Daniel Boonery – the patch of remnant forest that guards the hill – a foretaste of what’s to come and its trees respond with a collective shudder, shedding worn fragments of summer’s glory in showers of brown and ochre, grave clothes for the butterflies that just a few short weeks ago danced in their hundreds over our hillside medder.”


  7. Fall Fell Haiku
    by atrmws

    Fall fell, hurt its knee
    From golden leaves made plasters
    Fast it was to heal


  8. I too especially liked these lines: I stepped cautiously

    Hearing you beneath

    My shoe, upon your spine
    …Thanks for following me today. I am so glad your ‘follow’ led me to find you. I am already a fan of your poetry.


  9. Tasty & So very sweet!
    Also, thanks for visiting my blog and liking “My Mountain of Imagination” post. I really appreciate it.

    Liked by 1 person

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