47 thoughts on “Published”

  1. Charmingly delightful……So rich in metaphor….great imagery. I especially liked these lines:

    ‘If crumbs fell from a snack

    My comforterโ€ฆ

    Would always save them for later.’

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  2. This poem is a testament of GOOD POETRY. I love it, and I’ve never had a comforter myself. I love the use of your sentence construction, and the personification of the comforter as well. I was left with a smile on my face from such good work! Keep at it

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  3. You reminded me of my grandmother’s velvet bathrobe! It was black or a dark navy blue. I snuggled up under it on a cold night and in my youthful attitude and ignorance, believed it could keep me warm at the North Pole!
    I love that memory. Thank you for starting it! Hugs!!


  4. Your imagery here is delightful! I am thinking of a favorite comforter that travels around our house, has provided warmth to many and as you suggest, continues to do it’s job without fail. What a wonderful tribute to a blankie!


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