Polished Jinx


If I could leave

This charm

Sitting alone

On a sidewalk


To be picked up

By an opportunist

I would feel guilty

With happiness.

The gem

I dug for, long ago

With help by

Ardent and Fervent,

My two younger brothers,


The polished jinx

Deep and burning

Within my purse.

Where it knocks

Against my leg

As I walk

I ask you to please

Pick up that rock

You see alone

On the curb.

Take all of my words

And leave me

Simple, unadorned

Capable of making

Eye contact

Without preconception

On the streets

Of the city

That has wilted me.

31 Comments on “Polished Jinx

  1. I find them at a bookstore that makes its living selling old magazines. It’s called Cameron’s. I’m sure there must be something similar wherever you are.

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  2. As if you were looking into my soul and wrote it for the me that was so long ago…loved it.


  3. The separation of a thought in different lines, to pace the reader’s reading and stress the tone.

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  4. The broken verses, carry the imagery to a whole different level!!


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