Bite Of The Wind


Have we missed the bite of the wind?

So long has the heat

Steered us into beliefs….of

The shortened life of trees

We can see all branches

Shudder with the bite

Reminding us of our connection

Or what is sometimes called

Our lives…… with cheeks frozen

Hands numb with happiness.

Are we fools to want to understand?

The whisperer who sings

Unmistakable notes in our ears

Holds us back, slows our walk.

It is a coldness, a thinking chill

A brisk wondering, cool passion….


Is it now? When the heat wave

Hurries us along

With faces flushed, panting

To understand an irresistible anger

Caused by our own temperature

Of the death of trees

The souring of rivers

The forgotten pond


The pond sits in our teakettles…….

We mimic the heat…. as

Summer invades the fall

Seasons drive by like bullets

The friction of the kill

Blurs things into scorch

Confusing the trees

Swelling the rivers

The new winter melts glaciers

In our throats,

We guzzle snow as we choke

On our own stream of consciousness

Filling the heated, wounded gut……

Where we are never safe

Until everything has been boiled…. And….

In an attempt to rush the heat

We point guns at loved ones

Attempting to shoot our way

Into the cold or out of anger

For shooting love is the quickest

Way to freeze us out of madness

When all questions and answers

Burn on multiple sources of heat


Are we mistaken to listen?

To The whisperer that works

Its way in between our warm clothing

It tickles, biting softly

imprinting its song on the back of our necks

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13 Responses to Bite Of The Wind

  1. chris jensen says:

    Truly well spoken..

    Most don’t listen,
    deaf to the world
    and it’s winding roads of life..

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  2. Well crafted. Enjoyed it


  3. frankpovah says:

    Those who believe not in global warming, aka climate change, are blind and deaf to the world around them. Likewise, those who believe not in love will be oblivious to this wonderful, wonderful piece. I was smitten by:

    Are we mistaken to listen?
    To The whisperer that works
    Its way in between our warm clothing
    It tickles, biting softly
    imprinting its song on the back of our necks

    Elan, if I were in the USA, I would beg you to take tea with me.


  4. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, one of the things most difficult for a poet in this moment in time is to mix the seasons, the heat and the cold, with the passions of human beings. You have so excessively succeeded in bringing a fresh voice into this particular world of poetic expression. Bravo.

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  5. blondieaka says:

    Wonderful words Elan all magically intertwined to make something so glorious …….

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  6. Little Voice says:

    Beautiful verses and fabulous picture.

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  7. vivachange77 says:

    Penetrating look at what is happening to our earth.


  8. lucie says:

    So many glorious pictures in my brain: The branches, shuddering– The pond in the tea kettle– The seasons driving by like bullets. Holy crap, that’s good stuff. Bravo!

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  9. Joyful2bee says:

    Beautiful analogies and descriptions. I love the changing of the seasons. I grieve the loss of the leaves now, but soon will grieve the loss of cold weather.

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  10. jimmyprime says:

    Full of personification and implied metaphor. I like it.


  11. Wonderful picture and verse


  12. GabrielWoods says:

    A beautiful poem Elan, thanks

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  13. Mal says:

    Beautiful imagery! I love the choice of your words. Well crafted. 🙂


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