Photos of me

Dance among

Planet Wi Fi

Landing on inboxes

Threads and posts

Smiling at other

Photos of selves

Who also dance

In the box

The world is

A costume ball

We are busy

taking photos

Of ourselves

When we should

Be collecting images

Of people

We care about

Our new mirrors

Come with editing


7 years bad luck

is a download.

Everyone is the fairest

Of them all

As long as you

Have the right app.

Snow White

Is an Android.

I Phone 7d

(Seven Dwarves).

Update your reflection


We are busy

Tagging where

We’ve been

When we should

Be comfortable

Making peace

Where we are

48 Comments on “Selfie

  1. Clever. I like what you’ve done here, comparing a phone to a mirror. One of the coolest things about that comparison is that our phones–devices used to communicating with other people–have devolved into devices we use for evaluating ourselves. Technology is allowing us to be “extroverts” in a way that puts us center stage, so that while we communicate with others, all we’re really looking at is ourselves.

    Good little piece, man.

    As an aside, please make sure that you give artists credit when you use their work on your blog. They deserve the traffic too. A link to his/her gallery wouldn’t hurt.


  2. “We are busy tagging where we’ve been…..” It is as if you have taken the words directly out of my head…this speaks volumes…everyone is so very busy making sure that the world knows what they are doing that they are missing out on the moment…


  3. Well written on a very important topic ,selfies are a psychological disease ,its reflection of present hollow relationships


  4. That’s part of what the poem is about. I don’t mind people taking selfies. That’s their business. But, a selfie does seem like it’s a cultural “reflection” on our collective behavior.

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  5. Hi Elan
    I really, really like Selfie poem. My God you write so much good poetry so quickly!! Well done!. This is an important issue. I was in Athens several months ago and I went to visit the Parthenon, the pillared Greek monument that was built many centuries ago. It was all that I expected it to be, it was so beautiful. I`ve visited many ancient monuments. I like to put my camera in my bag after taking one picture and the I look all around it, touch it, and study its appearance. I now have very detailed memories of ancient monuments that I visited that a camera can`t beat. In Athens tourists were taking selfies everywhere. They were so busy taking pictures of themselves they barely looked at the beauty all around them. I suppose if people are happy doing that that`s okay, maybe in time people will learn to live and experience the present, not to constantly document it for the future.

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  6. Selfies . . . the real power is having the means to take them but choosing not to . . . I knew someone, an artist, who took daily pictures of cracks (in walls, floors, wood, anywhere) which reflected the way she was feeling at the time . . . selfies, crackies whatever . . .

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  7. Whenever I see poetry in broken lines like this I try to make new poems by taking only every other line, every third line, etc, and minor editing to make sense again. This one works super well.

    Photos of me on planet Wi Fi.
    Threads and posts of photos of ourselves.

    In the box, the world is a costume ball.
    We are busy with ourselves, collecting images we care about.

    Our new mirror features 7 years bad luck – Everyone is the fairest as long as you’re Snow White.

    I Phone 7d still updating your reflection?
    We are busy being comfortable where we are.

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  8. This piece is well done. I especially enjoyed the last two sections.


  9. What if people take selfies to capture an important moment for them. Not everyone would be able to fully comprehend the sentimental values of some selfies.


  10. Brilliant poem! Everyone taking selfies, so self absorbed, instead of living life outside of the phone!


  11. Another perceptive take on life – cutting to the core. Love your work! Here’s a “rap” I made up – you’ll have to imagine the drum beats (a less conventional poem than my normal but kind of relates to the artifice and pressures in this very “visual” post-modern society).

    Holly cried
    A struggling actress
    Inflatable lips
    A cleavage she could fall down
    Overdosed on botox
    looking like a clown
    Holly wears all the right labels
    and smiles on the red carpet
    Eats lettuce and sips Miso
    then sometimes she’s scared and barfs it
    Holly’s legs are sore from too much jogging
    Running from all the celebrity flogging
    Holly things can change
    You need to leave that studio
    That seductively steals your worth
    And serves a director’s ego
    There’s more to you than meets the eye
    Other things that you could try
    Holly you don’t need the world to watch you
    Don’t believe the hype or its lies will throttle you.

    Copyright, Deborah Moss, 2015

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  12. Having so little to work with I never bother taking selfies. That helps me make peace with myself and maintain what little sanity I have left.


  13. It’s the pout, hsnd on the hip, then bend at the knee that gets me. Pouting looked good on Debbie Harry. And Derek Zoolander. Not on FB profile pics.


  14. Applause, Applause ! (loved the graphic)…. This will be reposted to others, along with the Tag line “…….. therefore never send to know for whom the bell tolls……..”

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  15. Thanks for the reminder Elan. I know a beautiful woman – much younger than I – who sends me selfies and says she has erotic thoughts of me. I have decided I might learn to take a selfie and send it to her so that she can be fulfilled.

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