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  1. So very beautiful, a new life is always such a blessing and a little scary too, its all up to you… but so worth it, what a joy! I have always said there is no more peaceful or beautiful place in the world than to be holding, in the middle of a quiet night, that soft warm body in quiet time together… so lovely! 🙂 and I love that picture!!

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  2. So beautifully written. Kids are love, I still remember my little one when came out she was crying and I was outside the operation theatre. But I know it must be my piece 🙂

    When nurse brought her to me, she was crying, and when she saw me she stopped and kept on looking at me for a while, before she says hey I am still a kid I want to cry.

    It’s love and pure love.


  3. Lovely moment of first parenthood. It reminded me of when I wrote ´What I love about her feet’ thinking back to when my daughter was born and what she gree into. Being a parent is such a source of bliss. Keep enjoying it

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  4. There is both joy and tears raising children. Enjoy it while you can. Thank you. Great post but it reminded me how much I miss my daughters and grandsons… sad. Jx

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  5. amazingly portrayed every emotion. and those lines
    “I don’t know what to give her
    In other ways……always
    I give her all I have”…
    speaks everything :*

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  6. This is so beautiful! Very, very well written, and a poem easy to connect to. Thank you for sharing.

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  7. for real? you just had a baby and you can produce this? Wow. From what I recall of my life partner, she was in no shape as she was first putting hands on our little one. that aside, I’m inclined to throw in a word as the dad in the picture–I (strangely?) felt a lot of what you’ve written here myself, and remember that moment (now, by the way, 13 years ago just about to the day) like it was a moment ago. the ache of calmness is something perhaps all parents feel, though perhaps it takes a mother (who is also an excellent poet) to put it to words. thanks.

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