Message From A Cat


I catch my cat asleep

Dreaming, head down

Concealing a moustache

Buried in his bed

A paw curled over a nose

Hind legs tucked in warmth.

His ears twitch,

Flutter, and slant.

Eyes blink, bat, while closed

A muffled meow

Slips out trembling lips

I know he dreams of me

The wizard of dry food

Good witch of treats

Dionysus of catnip

Then, I am also

Evil magus of loud voice

Mystic of flea medication

Charon to the veterinarian

Still, after all I put

Him through, he looks up

With those blue eyes

Forgiving me for

All my offenses

Thanking me for

All my kindnesses

Head butting my leg

Brushing my legs

Letting me know

Our love is unconditional

And forever

As a human

My cat reveals to me

A skill, a craft, seemingly

Buried deep in dreaming

That periodically wakens

Then, dozes off……it’s

An awareness I share with

All other wizards and witches.


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38 Responses to Message From A Cat

  1. I like how you explore your cat’s different perceptions of you, and I love when you compare yourself to Dionysus!

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  2. wowo.. feelings well cratfed into words 🙂

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  3. fritwell says:

    Our cat spends all day sleeping, gets up for food, then goes back to sleep – usually on the best seat in the living room.

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  4. Swetha M says:

    Adorable, both the cat and your poem!

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  5. My favorite so far…I could see my little snoozer as I read it. Thanks!

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  6. frankpovah says:

    Thank you Elan. Have you read Arthur Guiterman’s cat poems?

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  7. Noémie says:

    🙂 You really captured the message of Cats beautifully, well done 🙂

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  8. BeeHappee says:

    A bit like Mary Oliver’s dog poems, yours just softer and cuddlier. 🙂

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  9. It was if you were describing my relationship with my cats. Loved the ‘wizard of dry food’ and ‘Charon to the veterinarian”. This is a delightful read.

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  10. Kit McCarthy says:

    I love this poem! When I look at my cat, (who coincidentally is black and white with a moustache) I see all of this.

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  11. Marc-André says:

    Awww. Would you mind if we repost this on purrsday poetry? 🙂

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  12. There is a little cat named Luna, with her head on my thigh, watching me read this poem. I hope she appreciated as much as I do. 🙂


  13. Cats, you say? Like the two in my bed when I wake up every morning? And the one who visits from across the yard? Yes, of course, I love this poem!


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  15. S. Warren says:

    I love cats and I love this poem. I love how you would describe in detail the kind of relationship that exists between you and your cat. It’s fun to read. 🙂

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  16. Evidently, you are a cat lover–as am I. You captured the essence of feline in your words. My lovely tortishell companion of the past two years, Chelsea, passed away two weeks ago. I hope she knows how much she was loved.

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  17. vivachange77 says:

    Your images bring the relationship between you and your cat to life. Wonderful poem.

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  18. Pets and animals in general remind us to live in the moment (apologies in using an too overused phrase). They are so preoccupied with and really enjoying the small things in life. They are completely immersed in what they are doing. Then pass out in a deep sleep after having such excitement all day! Lots to learn from them. I really like this post.


  19. This is purrfect! Puts well into words how I feel whenever I groom her and she gets irritated; when I clip her claws and she gets defensive; her protest when I administer her medication, yet she lets all her discomfort go a moment later, and nothing changes between us. Thank you for writing this. Cat people: they understand cats and, once in a while, other cat people. 😉

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    • Elan Mudrow says:

      lol. Thanks. Mr. Fry (adopted and previously named) just crawled onto a little bed I made for him underneath my desk. He’s sleeping. Every now and then he looks up at me with very happy blue eyes.


  20. Hello! I recently discovered your lovely poetry after you followed me. I have to say, I am slightly envious of you, but I am mostly inspired to do my best to write just as well.


  21. Joyful2bee says:

    Whetis the love button?? I have two cats. I am sharing this on Facebook but giving credit to your blog g, if that is okay. I belong to at least 2 cat groups on Facebook. Lol

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  22. Geen Geenie says:

    Great poem, and photo, is that him? 🙂


  23. amanpan says:

    Love your poem and love cats, we well.

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  24. Laurie Welch says:

    “head butting,” “leg brushing”…I miss my Sir Kai 😦

    Don’t worry, I don’t blame you. I love those memories…sigh….

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  25. Love this! Makes me miss my kitty Booper who missed his 20th birthday by only a month!

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  26. skat says:

    How did I miss this – this wizardry that somehow articulates what it is to love and be loved by a cat. Thanks Elan.

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