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  1. News, Sometimes it’s a ear full, and other times to cheer for. Sometimes it’s the blue’s, that ain’t so much good news. Sometimes it’s alluding as they are masking and secretly laughing! 🙂

    Love your poem!


  2. Beautiful words. So meaningful and inspired me with a new perspective for a post I am writing on connections. Thank you, Elan!

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  3. I will now attempt to peel back layers of superficiality. Only, I fear the layers go on forever, suspended in a nothingness.
    I will wear long-johns and a winter coat for this attempt.


  4. There was a lot said in this post beyond clothing layers. I was also thinking about those volunteers who do soup kitchens to promote their image but do believe most ♡ “everyday” people care and try hard to remember the less fortunate. This was an interesting holiday poem and very meaningful, Elan.


  5. So encompassing. Your images speak of everyday life in a soft and kind way – even when you speak of the horrors on the nightly news. The ending is delicious. Exquisite poetry.


  6. it reminds me of these artworks from the 70’s were people were letting paint drip straight from bottles, layering the gouache clouds on top of one another 🙂

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  7. I like this one with layers turned inside out like winter socks and sweaters. 🙂 So many layers just within one poem.
    Elan, I wanted to thank you so much for sharing beautiful poems this year, they really lightened and softened my days. Thank you, and best of creative winds for you in 2016!

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