May your new year be filled with doilies! You are worthy of them.



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  1. Nice post…I remember the doilies real well! My mother use to crochet them, but I never learned how. There were flat ones, and then there were the kind that had the ends curved, etc. and she would use starch to make them stiff and stand up to make it look fancy.


  2. I have a post today that includes lacy tablecloths but not sure if I mentioned doilies. I was writing about old fashioned decorations and your post was here in my emails today! πŸ™‚ I like your mentioning old furniture with worn spots. I also use doilies if I have a stack of books lying on their sides to protect their covers. Happy new year, friend. This was a warm post with cozy thoughts. β™‘


  3. And then best of all, little toddlers run in, they pull off all the dollies and throw them on their heads. And you sit there quite naked with peeled off varnish and all and giggle. πŸ™‚ Have a good one!


  4. I don’t like the coffee table I have now. It’s from Ikea. If it wasn’t for doilies, the table would belong in the waiting room of a doctor’s office. Thanks. I’ll check out your post.


  5. I prefer buying used furniture because of the character and untold stories. πŸ™‚ My doilies are still in the cedar chest where I placed them after picking them up off the floor one too many times when my children were little. LOL

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  6. I love antique and thrift store tables, and I especially love doilies. Your poem took me back to the time when we saw them on every grandma’s chair’s arm or headrest, table or dresser. And now I have them!

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  7. “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.” A lot of my furniture is over 50 years old, coming into my possession when my mother-in-law passed away. None are perfect, a few stains, scratches, or watermarks mar each piece. But they have character, with or without doilies.
    Lovely poem, Elan.

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  8. I said some story on SWISS CHOCOLATE in a shop waiting to be sold. Extempo.
    I have lost power of narration in promptu


  9. You are obviously on a chocolate high. I recommend avoiding Swiss sizzle sticks and investing in carbon dioxide emissions. They are up in smoke!


  10. OMGoodness!!! I am this furniture piece. Wow. (although, I often see myself more as a Boston Fern…). Wonderful write!


  11. You should set some dollies as the background image because this blog is certainly worthy of their decoration! I loved it, especially because I had never realized that was what they were called!


  12. Excellent, Elan! You lift the emotions of an object out of oblivion and give that object life enough that humans can relate to how it feels. One might even think a little more about how they treat their wares . . . and maybe anyone of value. Happy creative 2016.//mm


  13. I love the whimsy of your use of the doilies. The other day in the bottom of a cabinet I found an old doily to put under a potted plant on my bedside table to protect it from moisture. :).


  14. Who knew so many people still had doilies or even knew what they were? They remind of my gran – backs of chairs, under vases and so on. Someone once told me of a clever use for the paper variety – a few swwets in them, weave thread through the outer holes and hang them from the Christmas tree. When people call over the Christmas period, give them a little gift from your tree. (sh*t, I forgot to do that this year! Oh well, never mind.)
    Wishing you, in return, the best of doilies this year. πŸ™‚


  15. That’s a brilliant idea for a Christmas tree. I grew up in a home of antique collecting, so doilies made many appearances. I always liked the aged ones. This is reflective with the images I choose for my poems. Thanks a lot. It’s nice to read your message.

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