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  1. I do so enjoy reading your words, especially these lines:

    “Inside a vibration, not only inside me

    But a tremor that runs through all our fault lines

    So, when my ear picked up your tune

    In steps, you read only my face

    In passing, down the hard streets.

    As if maddened, a fear

    In eyes transformed…into

    A Stranger, a wanderer, a person

    A purpose, walking towards me

    That is when the weather….

    For wind has a sound all its own

    Took my singing away.”

    You can flat out write, there’s no debating it. It’s in your veins and the fact that you give us just a bit of it regularly, is amazing. So, thank you.


  2. Elan, what an exquisite song you write! ‘eyes of glitter, specks of false gold’ reaches right through and connects – well, this entire poem connects. wonderfully moving. cheers, Debi

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