I don’t know about you, but

I have Loudness in my life

With a special ability

To pierce my eardrum,

As if he were born

With just the right frequency

To irritate only me!


Sometimes I want to

Stick a sock

In his throat and watch

Him writhe wrecked

Worry and panic

Over the inability to

Say a single meaningless

Verbal kernel.

But, most (all) the time

I smile, nod, shake my head

Up and down, up and down

In agreement with whatever

Schlokola is being shed.


His crass is carefully constructed

Dumbness, leaving me numbfounded


The shit ain’t the shit

Because the shit is full of crap!

The shit is stanky

The shit is smelling up the shack.

The shit is too….., well…. shitty!



He’s a lying sack of shit.

If your mama heard him talk

She’d slap the shit right out of him.


OK, that’s enough shit for a poem

(That’s right this is a poem!

Did you think for one minute

I was going to change my ways?)


Let me tell you,

Loudmouth loves to linger on…

For more loudmouthing, repeating

Irritating long legends

That cannot be true unless

Loudmouth lived in multiple

Dimensions simultaneously

(I would feel sorry for those dimensions)
Or was alive during decades

before he was gurgling, happily

Sucking on a sugarcoated baby binky!


That’s it. That’s all. La La.

No need to repeat.

Sorry, if I was shouting in your ear.


33 Comments on “Numbfounded

  1. I loved this poem! People can be really loud and obnoxious sometimes. Some people don’t have to say every little thing on their mind. Thank you for this wonderful poem.

    Liked by 1 person

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  3. What a good word: “numbfounded”. Babies can leave that impression. The picture too is also something to behold.


  4. I love your term ‘numbfounded’. That’s perfect. And, yes, there seems a lot of loudness these days. I find myself seeking the calm. 🙂


  5. The whole freakin’ world is too loud. Can’t anyone use their inside voices anymore? 😀
    Loved this . . . my first (and maybe only) laugh of the day.


  6. so good! Made me laugh. It reminds me of bosses who I wanted to just smack.


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