Falling In



Initial warmth travelled

Between our new bodies

A prelude to a spark

Igniting a wick

Softening the wax, now

Circulating as reddened lava

Through my body.

We have lit a flicker

The pilot light of us


Your voice is a fire

And your skin’s temperature

A soft friction of sparks

Memorized and ablaze

Upon my spirit, as

My bones yield to

Become kindling

For the hearth

Of our impassioned house

29 Comments on “Falling In

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  2. “A prelude to a spark” sparked my interest. I don’t know what you were aiming for, but the visuals of a couple intertwined, writhing flashed into my mind. Great writing! Loved it.


  3. Powerful–far better than the one I wrote last night…but I’ll post it anyway 🙂 Thanks for visiting my blog.


  4. Been married 27 years, but the “pilot light of us” is still burning, have experiences like this now and then. Beautiful description and imagery.


  5. Lovely poem, it is so full of passion! I could not decide which lines I liked best, so many there were which drew my attention with their beauty


  6. Very nice. I particularly liked ‘memorized and ablaze upon my spirit, as my bones yield to become kindling for the hearth’.

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