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New Hooverville

Desperate search for roofs Within this friendliest of towns The old wolves pushed Further out, into boxes That have been painted Over and over and over again In dusty neighborhoods Who threaten to pave Their dirt roads With yellow bricks … Continue reading

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Looking Through Me

It’s too bad I can’t kiss his lips. I’m not attracted to them. But, if I were, he would reject me. For my stories are buried deep And they cannot be read easily It is as if, I shouldn’t exist. … Continue reading

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Fawn Earphones

A fawn ran into the road Losing its stealth, naked Stumbling over the yellow line Hooves slipping on wet pavement. I’m travelling inside a Zipcar Hyundai Elantra Sedan Named “Irene” Controlling the accelerator with ease Warp speed for a human … Continue reading

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Rum Runner

At home, she sips sweet-flavored rum Grinning with a separation in her teeth. A fear is found in her haunting smile That she really has nothing to do And everything she does is all about nothing Sweet rum can be … Continue reading

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Club Of Complications

The child is in her arms And I understand The smile on her face, The concern in her brow, How she is so careful with The round, round head of her baby Plastic car seat Molded to fit a human … Continue reading

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Spaceship Shops

This town is not mine. Its sidewalks— as grey as they Have ever been. The evaporating rain—still the same. But when I walk the streets I peer into shops As if they are spaceships Newly landed—and I fear Walking into … Continue reading

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No Need To Ask

It has been asked “How do I love thee? Let me count the ways.” With me, There is no need to ask  I’ve lost count of How many ways I love you.

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