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  1. What would you suggest to someone who really really needs to get her books out? Written 2 and have 3 more near completion…


  2. This made me think of a gone love. The desire to get rid of someone that wasn’t good for you, but yet when you have, you tend to look back and search for him again.. an odd thing.. Beautiful picture!

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  3. Hi, Elan! My “take-away” from this was a lot of laughter and a good appreciation for you as a poet and story-teller!


  4. Thank you for supporting my page. I’d like to reciprocate. I’ve enjoyed looking through your work. Sally.

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  5. Awesome… will never look at sap the same again…

    On Fri, Feb 5, 2016 at 1:09 PM, Elan Mudrow wrote:

    > Elan Mudrow posted: ” I fell into a pine tree once. Don’t worry, I > survived It wasn’t a bad fall, just a stumble With hands outstretched. I > suffered a small scrape, Reddened palms and My right hand landed in A small > patch of sap. Upon driving back home The sap did” >


  6. The beautiful photo drew me in… and the poem was fun… the frustration of desperately wanting to get rid of something (saps).

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  7. Peanut butter. if you have to get it off again and replace it with a not quite as nice scent…use PB. Especially if it gets in your hair. Stuff you learn as a kid that ‘sticks’ with you. I enjoyed reading this and yes, I did smell sap (and not PB!).

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  8. marvellous and entertaining with truth sparkling in between the lines. I thoroughly enjoyed the read! praying for an exorcism, made me laugh πŸ™‚ Gorgeous macro photo of the sap! cheers, Debi

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  9. So true. The clingers can seem so repellant because we grow used to their being around. Then we rid ourselves of them and start romanticising and longing to bring them back. Human connection is strange that way.


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  11. Was ‘stirring wheel’ an intentional play on the word ‘coffee cup’ or a happy accident? Loved the little jab at the end.


  12. Lovely poem to wake up to. I can see the Norfolk Island pine in my garden as i write this.


  13. There must have been a good ..Resin.. for this poem. The….Pitch ..of the theme was quite personal.

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  14. Beautiful poem. πŸ™‚ Sap that has been weathered enough, turns into amber, which then is so much more valuable, so that is always good to know.


  15. Awesome. Life starts our sticky, and ends that way. Of course, it is the same all through. Becoming sticky yourself, you realize… There is no-way, to un-gum… Except perhaps, by the warmth of the Sun.

    Great read thanks Elan


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