Spaceship Shops


This town is not mine.

Its sidewalks— as grey as they

Have ever been.

The evaporating rain—still the same.

But when I walk the streets

I peer into shops

As if they are spaceships

Newly landed—and I fear

Walking into one of them

Will make my money

Transport to specific coordinates

Set by the US Bank—For it is they who—

(The empire who struck first

Who keeps on striking)

Turned my simple walks with wine in hand

To expeditions of payment plans.

Tickets must be purchased online

So, that the spaceship shops know




Exactly what it is

That I don’t really need

And must not live without.

They assure me,

(the ensigns of the spaceship shops)

That the universe is ever expanding

At a faster and faster balloon mortgage rate

(They call it “greed matter” commonly known

as dolla’ dolla’ bill y’all)

And that there is no way

It can be slowed down…and

That my city can never be

A city like the city it once was

Even though their shops

Are patterned after the city that once was

Where I developed the first anti-matter attitude

And a dangerous dance called the warp core breach.

Which they all seem to have down

Better than me.

Because they can afford to do so.

This makes me think

I should have become an astronaut

A developer, or an alien

But no. I preferred to walk.

16 Comments on “Spaceship Shops

  1. A true “salute” to capitalism! Great lines. Thanks for sharing! 🙂


  2. Oh, i like this one Elan. The imaginations, the metaphorical references, etc. Take me into space. And yes, put it on charge card. Time to take off. Walk walk walk walk nose to everlasting window…

    Liked by 1 person

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