Fawn Earphones


A fawn ran into the road

Losing its stealth, naked

Stumbling over the yellow line

Hooves slipping on wet pavement.

I’m travelling inside a Zipcar

Hyundai Elantra Sedan

Named “Irene”

Controlling the accelerator with ease

Warp speed for a human

Even on the curves

Mixtape masterpiece,

very loud, Blasting

Thinking what a nice forest this is.

As light years of wilderness

Blur by me

The fawn and I

Miss each other by a split-second.

I stop, turn off the music

Roll down the window

Very, very quiet-like.

The forest sings to me

Wind, leaves, the movement of life

I look for the fawn

Trying to pick her out

Of ferns, firs, and moss

Off the road, but…..

“Irene” wants to keep going

Her engine and heater

A constant reminder of

What I control, as if I’ve lost control

Or lost the awareness

Of the world being something

I’m not driving through

But, an engine that hums through me.

I drive slower with the music off

That deer has a good taste in music


39 thoughts on “Fawn Earphones”

  1. Yes, the deer has good taste in music. Some manage to go through life with never enjoying the sounds that come from a “silent” forest. BTW, had one of those Elantras. They will move you!! 🙂


  2. There are bound to be moments in life, that you just wish you could go back, but, each and every single moment passes us by too quickly, and, before we realized that those moments are gone, time had, slipped away, from our hands, and we’re left with our own regrets…


  3. Technology eats nature. In the future we’ll have the option of living in massive urban utopias of concrete and I-robot, or live wet cold shivering in the woods, in maybe like northern Canada, after technology thaws the rest of the perma-frost.


  4. I love that the Zip Car has a name, Irene. My Honda is named Egbert. We’ve had close calls like this on old country roads near my home and it always makes me grateful for the slow car or red light that made me arrive at that place a few seconds later.


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