I once brought a crumb to work with me.

It was accident….

A bit of breakfast cereal,

Oatmeal I think it was

Stuck onto my shirt and dried.

Nobody was offended and the crumb

Was perfectly fine with everything


26 Comments on “Crumby

  1. Whimsically brief but a good counter to the grim sludge in the morning news.


  2. Made me laugh! While I was talking with a doctor in my office about a mutual patient, he was concentrating on my face but didn’t seem to be getting what I was saying. I stopped for a second and he said, “Did you know you have a cornflake stuck on your lip?” OMG, embarrassing! The cornflake was OK with it, though. Nice job, Elan!

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  3. The poster says “It’s the Best”.
    Are we to assume that the Crumb fit that description? Not Oatmeal, surely.
    I…. would have been offended.

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  4. Oatmeal you say? ….VERY nourishing ….and why would anyone be offended? ….maybe your colleagues thought the crumb enhanced an otherwise plain old workaday shirt .. there’s nothing like a little sillyness to lift the spirits sometimes


  5. Quite an amusing top off to my day. Good job, sir.


  6. Nice photo and…an amusing read for my dull afternoon. 🙂


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