I once brought a crumb to work with me.

It was accident….

A bit of breakfast cereal,

Oatmeal I think it was

Stuck onto my shirt and dried.

Nobody was offended and the crumb

Was perfectly fine with everything

26 Comments on “Crumby

  1. Nice photo and…an amusing read for my dull afternoon. 🙂


  2. Quite an amusing top off to my day. Good job, sir.


  3. Oatmeal you say? ….VERY nourishing ….and why would anyone be offended? ….maybe your colleagues thought the crumb enhanced an otherwise plain old workaday shirt .. there’s nothing like a little sillyness to lift the spirits sometimes


  4. The poster says “It’s the Best”.
    Are we to assume that the Crumb fit that description? Not Oatmeal, surely.
    I…. would have been offended.

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  5. Made me laugh! While I was talking with a doctor in my office about a mutual patient, he was concentrating on my face but didn’t seem to be getting what I was saying. I stopped for a second and he said, “Did you know you have a cornflake stuck on your lip?” OMG, embarrassing! The cornflake was OK with it, though. Nice job, Elan!

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  6. Whimsically brief but a good counter to the grim sludge in the morning news.


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