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  1. Fantastic, clever, witty and fresh. Loved it ! And thank you very much for liking my post and encouraging me. Looking forward to all your future posts:-)

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  2. Nice! I like that you are “incuding” all the time. I wonder what “Spring and All” by William Carlos Williams would have been like without a few run ins with run-ons?


  3. My favorite literary style, when one idea leads to another, with ramifcations and amplifications upon the theme, of which I write, is the embedded clause, unless of course, I chose my second favorite method of writing by incuding few run-on sentences and then some more embedded clauses…

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  4. Great post! As writers we are taught not to begin sentences with and, but who can help it? And who hasn’t been blindsided during an argument by “and another thing…” My old man hates that one, lol. Not that we argue much, just sayin.

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  5. Well done! The Muses spoke AND spoke AND spoke on this one. AND I love the photograph with all the different ampersands, one of my favorite keys on the typewriter!

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  6. This was so clever and creative!! Only a talented writer could write such a humorous and interesting poem about the word “and”! Good job!

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  7. ‘AND they lived happily ever after’ is a nice one …..ok …ok ….so maybe it only happens in fairy stories

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  8. Ahh, the dreaded Cantos. Not very imagist of him, the Cantos sprawl the length of the universe. Maybe they weren’t finished. That’s why he started them all off with and.


  9. This is absolutely great and I really love it. And, I must say that I seem to like to start a sentence with ‘and’ but I do try to remove it during revision.. Sometimes successfully and other times not. And I don’t mind 😊 Thank you, truly a joy to read.

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  10. It looks great but it doesn’t show any reblog buttons. It does offer the ability to share so I’m going to try that to see how it works 😊


  11. I smiled right through this. Love it 😊 I would have liked to reblog this but I’m not sure how on my phone which is too bad. This is a fantastic read and so much fun 😊

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  12. AND, guess what? I like it. I like the flow and the thought process and the usage. And I thank you for being where you’re at and what you’re doing. And, g’day to ya from here, from me and mine.

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  13. And… It’s a Boolean operator that gives the value ONE if and only if all the operands are one, otherwise has a value of… Zero !


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