34 thoughts on “Published”

  1. Oddly reminds me of how the world’s best women soccer players were forced to play on artificial turf last year, another way of “edging” them in compared to their male compatriots.


  2. I guess some people receive all the luck. Maybe the two in the image run a lawn management service. You know, the companies that drive around in pickup trucks with a trailer full of lawnmowers.


  3. I think things must be different in your area then. Our local lawn cutting service always supplies a pretty girl to assist with the mowing as shown above. My wife doesn’t like it, though, so now I have to do it all by myself! I must say, though, it’s easier that now, the girl just kept getting in the way.

    I enjoyed the poem, Feels a bit rebellious, like “I just want to be me. Leave me alone or I’ll do something neither of us want.” I’m not sure I’d want to cuddle with the thistles.

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  4. I love UN-perfect. If I had a garden, it would be EXACTLY this poem. Wild and willful and beautiful with places to hide for the kids and benches over grown with morning glories to rest on. Simply: YES. Wonderful and refreshing 🙂

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  5. I like how you look at things, and everyday objects and the personification of them at times. I am enjoying your writing so far.


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