41 thoughts on “Published”

  1. I love it! I’m giggling at the idea of wearing slippers together, especially the ones in the photo, which look like some kind of invention for sweeping or dusting while you walk. 🙂


  2. this is so interesting to think on!
    how might one’s perceptions and moods be influenced by the changing of footwear…………. Good Post!! cheers, Debi 🙂


  3. My father used to say that a man’s shoes say a lot about him, never overlook the importance of good shoes, properly shined. You have really hit on something here!


  4. In my Birkenstocks, reading this, I wondered what Dorothy or Cinderella might think.
    Love poem ? I suppose so. After all, like love, slippers are easy to slide into and …slip off.


  5. I enjoyed this and would have loved for it to sprawl down a bit further. Having reading some of your other poems I expected it to, and so was slightly disappointed. But still a very enjoyable read with a fantastic picture to boot.


  6. I like having the next line that is unspoken be unspoken. Is there a reply to the first speaker, or is there smoldering silence, or stepping out of metaphorical boots onto the cold ground?

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