Your lover’s voice sounds like water

Pounding upon rocks

Filled to the brim with

Polemics and counterpoints

Swift, stabbing, centered

Overcoming your line of defense

Which was a fake calmness….that

Has always been easily shook up

Forcing you downstream

As if you had a choice

Into a whirlpool of answers

You’re not sure are right

Even when they’re not wrong

You wonder whether you’ve

Been together too long

As if your communication

Is like pouring water into an ice cube tray

You have dreams of hot tubs

And indoor swimming pools

A smooth voice without a ripple

A lover who will always agree with you

You begin secretly searching

For prices on the internet

When you hear the toilet flush

Like it’s angry at what you’re doing

You quickly close your browser

It’s time for bed

Your lover asks you why you

Always drink warm tea before bed

When you could have a cold beer

You argue over temperature

And how hands should

Be warmed up before touching begins

Then you have make-up sex, lukewarm

Leaving wet spots upon the sheets

That started out warm,

but now are cold

You begin to think about the reasons

There are so few hot springs

In the world

26 Comments on “Lukewarm

  1. Very powerful! Thanks for the follow, and all the best with your poetry!


  2. Sadly so true in some of our relationships, communication so hard to do,,,Well written, I could feel it all,,,,


  3. Made me think of a line from an old country song: “There’s nothing cold as ashes after the fire is gone.” And after the communication is gone. You put into lovely words something that happens all too often.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. we actually still have ice trays like that. Stainless Steel


  5. Beautiful imagery, I love the flow and the rhythm…Such a pretty poem 9if there’s such a thing) 🙂 Great poetry! Everyone healed and burned by love will resonate.


  6. Your words capture the essence of relationship, hot and cold, right and wrong–the yearning for perfect yin and yang instead of concession or compromise. I am still reeling from this one. 🙂


  7. “those were the days my friend, i thought they’d never end.”.thank you for the reminder!! wonderous words!!!the image the words unite! inspiring!


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